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August 14, 2009 / rodrigoloaiza

Nedcam | Shaping technology

Nedcam produces models, prototypes and complete products originating from digital 2D and 3D designs, using highly sophisticated 5-axis CNC machines. Providing a total concept consisting of advice, management, realisation and innovation: Nedcam offers the right solution for every project.

High Quality 2D and 3D shapes

  • The CNC machines of Nedcam machine shapes in one piece up   to 25 metres.
  • Direct translation of digital designs to CNC-machines   garantuees optimal results.

Efficient and custom made

  • CNC machining reduces time to market.
  • Individual designs: custom made to your requirements.

State of the art solutions

  • For every customer: the right solution due to continuous   innovation in terms of materials and techniques used.

One stop shopping

  • Advice, management and realisation: in cooperation with an   extensive network of specialists. Nedcam offers total solutions   for complete projects.

Nedcam | Shaping technology.


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